Our Burgers

Our burgers are made hot, juicy and infused with flavor. Each one constructed for freshness and taste that will keep you coming back for another one, and another and another . . . .

All burgers come as described. Add fries or side salad for $2.00 or onion rings for $2.75.

Good Neighbor BBQ Burger
American Hamburger
1/4lb beef patty with your choice of condiments
1/4lb beef patty, slice of American cheese with your choice of condiments
Double Cheeseburger
Two 1/4lb beef patties with 2 slices of American cheese and your choice of condiments
Cluck n' Chuck
A Cheeseburger with a crispy and juicy chicken patty added with your choice of condiments
Good Neighbor BBQ Burger
Juicy 1/4lb beef patty on a bed of fried onion strings with mayo, melted cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce and a slice of tomato all topped with BBQ sauce. $1 of the purchase price is donated to TeamHelp, a local non-profit benefiting local children.
Blue Bacon Burger
1/4lb beef patty with melted blue cheese, topped with crispy bacon, grilled onions and a slice of tomato.
Chrispy Cheese
1/4lb beef patty smothered in cheddar cheese, cooked until crispy around the edge. Add your choice of condiments
Woody Burger
1/4lb beef patty, slice of American cheese, slice of grilled ham with your choice of condiments.
Rebel Burger
1/4lb beef patty with melted Swiss cheese, slice of tomato, shredded lettuce with thinly sliced pastrami. Our version of heaven.
Mushroom Burger
1/4lb beef patty smothered with sautéed mushrooms in creasy sauce, a slice of provolone cheese, tomato and shredded lettuce.
Chipotle Veggie Burger
Black bean and corn chipotle patty with pepper jack cheese topped with avocado, may, diced onions, clice of tomato and shredded lettuce.